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Sugar Boy

100, 000 ¥ Up Front!

28 November 1987
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HI! Sugar Boy is a personal blog for Kei McCarthy, me, it's contents stem from my deepest thoughts, random inquires and fanboy rants. My Hobbies include Anime, Writing, Cosplay and Voice Acting. Most of my friends list fit into one of these categories but I adore meeting new people regardless of their hobbies. I'm an energetic person who lives with his heart on his sleeve and always treat people I meet like a friend. But I can be a real bastard if you get on my bad side...which mostly happens when you bad mouth my friends.

Personal Info

I live in Windsor, Ontario in Canada and am currently employed with Quiznos. My favorite things to do on a Saturday night is go to the bar with my friends or go to a movie. I'm 6' and 128 lbs, with light brown hair which at the moment is medium length and straightened. I like long walks on the beach, etc etc ;)
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